Great Sand Dunes NP

Great Sand Dunes NP

South Colorado

This was a fun stop – a great break from travel. Wherever you stay, grab a sand board (basically a snow board with a special coating underneath) then prepare yourself for a long hot walk across sand and up some dunes to find your spot.

Our first attempt to go down a dune resulted in flip after maybe three feet of pushing. Turns out the camp folks were right – wax that board. After a light coating of wax, the next attempt resulted in a flip after about 20 feet of slip sliding away. We had a great laugh and then tried for another hour to make it down – while watching other folks do the same (with the occasional young person showing off their skills!).

After our attempts to sand board, we headed out of the park and stopped at Zapata Falls on a whim. Wow! So glad we did. This is a beautiful place… a short hike and then wow..

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