April and Bill

About Us

Many moons ago my wife and I formed a company called For His Beauty. This company was built for one purpose – to sell Avon products.

As time went by we did very well, making the Presidents list numerous times. But then Covid hit and things got slow – real slow.

Time continued to tick away and we found that the loves we always had – Food, Wine, Road Trips and each other – remained steady, but our age did not.

So we bought an RV and did some travel. In 2022 we did a “long” road trip of 6 weeks. Little did we know that was only the beginning. In 2023 we spent 5+ months on the road traveling and visiting National Parks and all kinds of other sites.

Then it hit us – why not combine His Beauty with our love for all that He helped create? And here we are – For His Beauty – marketing.

Yes – we still sell Avon. But now we also share our experiences and we seek sponsors to help us do that. We are more than “influencers”. We are tried and tested (ie – older) folks that have raised kids, started companies, been entrepreneurs, survived cancer, made the Inc. 5000 list numerous times and now we tour the USA and share all that we find.

Our articles tell the truth. The good, the bad and some of the ugly. We strive to be honest and upfront. We want our readers to feel like they can go somewhere (or not go) based on our recommendation. But, the articles (whether written by us or others) are strictly opinions. Take what we say with a grain of salt and use it as part of your own research.

Bill & April Gilligan
Married 30+ years
4 adult kiddos,
2 dogs living, 3 passed.
Based in Saint Augustine, FL