Capitol Reef NP

Capitol Reef NP

South Central Utah

This is one heck of an amazing and cool place…. it started as we began our descent into the park and I had a line of cars behind us. So being the nice guy I pulled off the road when I saw a place to stop. As I got out to stretch my legs I turned around and my jaw dropped. OMG it was the most beautiful place to stop…

During our stay here at Wonderland RV park we could not have been happier. We were very close to the park and drove in and out multiple times. We saw the night sky and the Petroglyphs. We hiked to the Hickman Bridge and later down the Grand Wash. And in between we stopped for some amazing cherry pie!

Before we left the area we met some folks that visit Saint Augustine, had some Mexican food and Margaritas for dinner, and walked in awe of all the beauty.

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