Mount Rushmore NP

Mount Rushmore NP and Wind Cave NP

As we made our way up the hill we rounded the corner and were suddenly amazed. There – before our eyes – was an amazing site.

We arrived at the campground early and had reports of pending rain so we got set up and headed to the main entrance hoping to have time to take a look around and experience the “Lighting Ceremony”.

Since we had visited the park just after we arrived, we decided to take the next day and head over to Wind Cave National Park. Unfortunately when we arrived the cave was closed due to an issue with the elevator (according to a ranger). While looking around we also saw some search and rescue folks moving a stretcher out… hopefully everyone was ok.

On the drive up we passed a large herd of bison just grazing along – and stopping traffic as they crossed the road.

On the way back we made a side trip to the Alpine Restaurant and enjoyed some wine and German sausages. Yum!

Last but not least, during our stay at the Mount Rushmore KOA Resort at Palmer Gulch we took advantage of the Chuck Wagon.

One last side trip was to a mountain coaster. We took a ski lift up the mlountain, stopped for a glass of wine and a snack, walked thru the path to take in the views, and then rode down on a self controlled sled type thing.

All we can say about Mount Rushmore is this – go here at least once in your life. Then visit the surrounding areas. It is a truly an amazing area.

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