Zion National Park

Zion National Park

Zion, Utah

This is actually our second visit here. That is how much we like it. This time the co-founder of Orange Mailer joined us as we enjoyed the fresh air and beauty that surrounded us.

There is an easy hike up to “The Narrows”. From there, if you want, you can enter the narrows and hike further till the walls get very close. We have not done that yet due to water levels each time we were there.

This last time, we decided to take the car thru the entry gate and then into the park. After a very long wait we drove a good 30 minutes or more just looking for a parking space. When we finally gave up (convinced by my wife), we headed back out and within 10 minutes we were in a paid parking spot!

We walked to the entry point then grabbed a shuttle to the last stop, and then started our hike. I recommend this to everyone. It is easy and beautiful.

When done, hop back on the shuttle and stop at the various locations as you make your way back out,

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