Jamestown NHP

Historic Jamestown, VA

Our travels brought us within an hour of historic Jamestown Virginia, so we made a point of taking a day to explore.

By “a day” I mean an afternoon – which was a mistake. We simply did not have enough time to see it all.

We started by taking the car and driving to the ferry We were tol it was the best way to get there, and certainly a ferry ride would be cool. It was…. except we did not know there would be a 20 minute wait coming and going – but still, a ferry ride is cool.

After driving off the ferry, not a mile down the road is the entrance to Jamestown.

We parked and visited the main center. Then we walked across a boardwalk and into the park itself. If you like reading and history, then give yourself plenty of time. Go before lunch, then stop at the small cafe that is there before moving on to the Archeology museum. Then, on the way out stop at the Jamestown Museum and see the ships (we will have to do this on a return visit).

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