Murray Bros. Caddyshack Restaurant

Saint Augustine, FL (World Golf Village)

On our way home from Jacksonville, Fl we decided to stop here to grab a bite to eat.

Finding the place is a little weird, it is close to the road, but getting there requires a long round about way. Then the entrance is not what we expected… just kinda boring. It is possible though that we managed to find our way around the back side, I honestly don’t know. In any case – go here.

That said – wow – what a fun place. Lots of memorabilia to look at (if you liked the movie Caddyshack – and who didn’t?)

The service was very good, the prices decent. But the best part was sitting, talking, eating and looking around.

For the record – this is not fine dining. This is a place designed for relaxing after a round and talking over the days events while drinks and food are served. And yes – the food was very good….

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