The maiden voyage

September 2022

The trip began easily enough – just a short 2 hour drive.

The days were easy – the nights… to much wine. In between, great food, long walks, and simply enjoying the campground.

Until the second day – when we began to smell sewer gas. AHHHH.

I started with emptying the black and gray tanks. But by day 3 things were even worse. So another dump, and a flushing… and still no good. So we asked the camp host what he thought… hmmm, he said it smells like propane. So, turned off the tank and we waited. And waited. And waited – and still the smell permeated…

After hours of Googling, and fear of explosions or something I came across a mention that batteries overcharging will smell like rotten eggs (kinda like bad sewer or leaking propane). So I opened the house battery compartment and wow! The smell almost knocked me over. We found the issue. And confirmed it by feeling how hot the batteries were. Seriously hot.

After a couple on/off of the main house disconnect and leaving the battery bay doors open – the smell was gone, the batteries cool, and all was good.

We hope you enjoy the video. We were a little distracted, but we gave it our best.

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